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Loading the cargo

The characteristic of Kanto Tetsugen Cooperative Association's export is to supply H2(*) grade scrap by 80 member companies.It is quite difficult to do it by a private company.

The grade of our steel scrap is constituted by mainly H2(*) and H1 as well.Quality inspections are done twice, once by each members and the second by the surveyor at the port.

Radioactive Checking
Radioactive checking

In addtion to quality control, we used to do radioactive check. The limitation of radioactive should be less 0.2micro SV/h.

Also we spray water to steel scraps to avoid expanding the powder dust.

*:H2 is steel scrap based on Japanese industrial standards."500mm in width or less, 1,200mm in length or less, thickness 3mm - 6mm, weight 1,000 kg or less"